Thai Pussy Massage presents Sanouk

Gorgeous from head to toe this full bodied Thai teen gets erotic massage - 6 min

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She had heard about Tony's massages from other girls at the Go Go Bar she works at. She had a stiff back from the night before, fucking three Japanese sex tourists in their hotel room. She was contorted in all positions, and ended up sore that morning. She thought she would try foreign masseuse Tony, who could make all those aches and pains go away with one of his massages.

Like clock work, the minute Sanouk takes off her clothes and lies on the table, Tony the Masseuse's hands start to wonder. His hands touch her breasts, her rear end, and then her pussy. She is shocked, but it feels so good. This is different than the night before, and she lets this wonderful Masseuse have his way with her on the table.

Thai Pussy Massage


Bangkok Massage Parlor Sex

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